Personal Sex Tape

Be the Star in your own professional sex tape!

Imagine you want to make your own, professional sex tape!

From a Director to make-up artist, script and lights, a very small team can help you, worry free, make it happen.

Choose the set, the ambient, the lights… It’s your dream, your moment, your pleasure! Help us make it perfect!

Imagine! It’s done! Make all you fantasy come true!



  • All scheduled activities will be held in the Lisbon Area
  • Driver and Saloon / Estate car available during activity for pre-arranged schedule
  • Production of an Adult movie with a professional team (Director, make-up artist, script, lights, set preparation), you being the stars, with one scene


  • Other locations in Portugal are available at an extra charge
  • If you are not comfortable with the presence of one or two persons while you engage in erotic activities, we can operate the equipment remotely. The cost must be evaluated upon choices of sets and themes.
  • Extra movie scenes
  • Wardrobe and theme
  • Have a fetish? A fantasy you want to make happen? Tell us and we will prepare a budget for your approval
  • High end lingerie and toys (you buy them, you keep them!)

Not included:

  • Food, beverages and meals. We will be quite happy to suggest and book your restaurants. No extra fee.

Other info:

  • All raw images and movies will be delivered to you and permanently deleted on our side after the post production is done.
  • All rights of image are reserved to us during the production and cease after post production
  • Confidentiality is paramount.

Prices start at €6.900.00 plus taxes. Please feel free to contact us at info (@) missesnmister (dot) com! We’ll answer all your questions!

Please read the Terms and Conditions for further info.