In the beggining…

Back in late 2014, on the verge of Fifty Shades of Grey, we had an idea of turning adult fantasies and dreams into reality. Not that they were not already being done but because some of them were quite difficult to produce.

We got to talk about what turn women and men on and what would they would like to do if they could.

Fifty Shade was coming out and mentalities were about to change. Today, people see sex in an all different way, much more open and free.

Magazines talk about sexual fantasies, Threesomes, Mile High Club, BDSM (mild, medium and hardcore)… Tv shows are quite open to sex, relationships, homosexuality and fetishes.

All these realities converge to a much healthier society in what sex is concerned.

The demand for new, exciting ways to enjoy and improve our sex life, apart from the act itself, has grown exponentially.

And there we are!

Two and a half years later, we did our move and started this wonderful project to help other fulfill their dreams and fantasies!

We are quite happy that you got here and red this! Thank You!


Join us!


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